The Dream: Enchanting Beauty

12 Performances with the Australian Ballet and Orchestra Victoria at the State Theatre, Arts Centre

An effervescent evening of wonder for the whole family

Mischievous sprites, tangled loves and dazzling dance: this sparkling triple bill celebrates Frederick Ashton, one of the greatest influences on 20th-century ballet and the epitome of the English classical style.

Shakespeare’s most charming comedy is the basis for Ashton’s whimsical take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The fate of humans and fairies are hilariously entwined in a flowery bower designed for The Royal Ballet’s original 1960s production. Ashton traces the tangled love lines of the characters with warmth and wit, and Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the perfect soundtrack for his elegant, playful choreography.

Two Ashton gems, Monotones II and Symphonic Variations, show the choreographer delighting in music and pure, airy movement. This playful, captivating triple bill is perfect for all ages.

“This ballet is totally alive with both Shakespeare’s poetry and his earthy, timeless human comedy, all magically enmeshed in a gossamer web of choreography shimmering like moonlight on dewdrops”  — New York Post on The Dream

Combination of fantasy, romance and rigour that makes this Ashton ballet a charm”  — The Guardian on The Dream


The Dream (1964)
Choreography Frederick Ashton
Music Felix Mendelssohn
orchestrated by John Lanchbery

Monotones II (1965)
Choreography Frederick Ashton
Music Erik Satie
orchestrated by Claude Debussy and Alexis Roland-Manuel

Symphonic Variations (1946)
Choreography Frederick Ashton
Directed, supervised and staged by Wendy Ellis Somes and Malin Thoors
Music César Franck

Orchestra Victoria

Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir

Andrew Wailes, chorus preparation

Nicolette Fraillon, conductor



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