RMP Management

Royal Melbourne Philharmonic is a not for profit, Incorporated Association, with endorsement as an income tax exempt charitable entity and deductible gift recipient status under Subdivision 30-BA and subdivision 50-B of the lncome Tax Assessment Act 1997

The RMP’s committee of management and key staff for 2019/20 is as follows:

Executive Committee

President  – Fiona Coomans

Secretary  – Justine Schaeffer (pro tem)

Membership – Hannah Pilkington

Treasurer – Fiona Coomans (pro tem)

Artistic Director – Andrew Wailes

Hospitality & Events  – Marja Barisic

RMP Staff


Production Manager: Rod Scanlon

Video Production: Raymond Hoefer (Hofland Music)

Music Librarian: Rebecca Hetherington

Front of House Manager: Chris Loader

Archivist: Rod Reynolds

Recording Producer: Peter Taplin

Website Consultant:  Jack Barker